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MMDVM UHF UVIYN Portable Device With Built In WiFi - DMR / C4FM / P25  *Can Be Updated*

Single Band MMDVM UVIYN Portable Device With A 2.2 Screen £75.00

Comes With Built In MMDVM Software Pre Installed / 2000 mAh Battery Built In / 2.2 Col Screen

Built In A Custom Battery Case With A 2.2 Col Screen Showing Information ( User Guide )

For More Information On The MMDVM UVIYN Devices Please Call Or Email Me! (07947943637)

Pay Online With Your Credit Card! MMDVM UVIYN Portable Device With Built In WiFi

The MMDVM UVIYN Portable Device / 2000 mAh Battery Built In (FREE Configuration & Setup)